tanja riebel

the artist

tanja riebel
(*09.04.1991 in ingolstadt, works in regensburg)
painting and graphic

tanja riebel @ geronimo:
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@ waldschänke dornheim

06.03.— 17.04.21

↪since 2019 working as freelance artist
teaching activity || institute for fine arts at the university of regensburg
2016 – 2019
study of visual arts || master of arts || university of regensburg
founding member of the artist collective polyton
2014 – 2015
erasmus grant || école supérieure d’art de clermont métropole in clermont-ferrand | france
2012 – 2016
studies of visual arts and art history || bachelor of arts || university of regensburg

geronimo says

when we encounter tanja riebel’s art, we get deeply drawn into her emotional worlds depicted through natural elements. so, real and fictional sceneries are combined to move in between the surface and depth of human emotions. to draw us into these worlds of mostly green and blue shades, she is using oil colours, sometimes even neutral structures of graphic works. tanja transcends boundaries by utilising alternative media like performance or installations to expand her ideas.

when engaging with tanja’s works we are able to get lost in her works as well as explore emotions like the impermanence and fragility of every aspect of life. looking at her brush stroke one wonders: is the scenery moving or is it still? are we stuck or moving?


↪2020 ↪Kunst [Zeit] Raum || group exhibition || with lena schabus || rote-hahnen-gasse 6 | regensburg
↪Pflanzenlabor || group exhibition || with luzie gerb ||stadelgalerie des künstlerhauses andreas-stadel | regensburg
↪BRAVA NA ULICI || group exhibition || festival on the street || pilsen
↪THE ARTIST IS STILL PRESENT || exhibition series || künstlerhaus andreas-stadel | regensburg
↪360°. Kunst an Litfaßsäulen. || temporary art campaign || cultural department and cultural office of the city of regensburg || regensburg
↪Masterausstellung || group exhibition || with lisa langbein || gallery of the university of regensburg | regensburg
↪Zeitspeicher || video installation for the 400th anniversary of the frauenzell monastery wall|| with lisa langbein || frauenzell
↪Jahresschau || group exhibition || kunst- und gewerbeverein regensburg e.v. | regensburg
↪TransFORMation || group exhibition || extensive installation with lisa langbein || kleinste galerie im degginger | regensburg
↪spaces18 rhythm || group exhibition ||collaboration with the hfkm regensburg || städtische galerie im leeren beutel | regensburg
↪Hick-Hack || group exhibition || con_temporary – initiative for the cultural interim use of vacant buildings || regensburg
↪Gratwanderung || group exhibition || artist collective polyton || künstlerhaus andreasstadel | regensburg
↪heimwärts || group exhibition || artist collective polyton || kreuztor | ingolstadt

awards and grants

↪2019 ↪kunst.preis19 || institute for fine art and aesthetic
education of the university of regensburg in cooperation with
the university foundation pro arte, the eberhard dirrigl foundation, the
city of regensburg and the univerlag regensburg
↪since 2018 ↪sponsoring artist || art and culture foundation oswald zitzelsberger