the artist

no names, no facts, no identity

performance, installation, mixed-media

geronimo says

schwarzer.Täg is deep in the art of anti-aesthetic and subculture. The Collective is wearing masks to hide their faces and they change names to hide their identity. these habits are not only produced for charade but to lead to the big question.

„are you what you pretend to be?”

the collective communicates with music and interdisciplinary installations, were they also act as performers. These happenings seek confrontation with the audience and invite the spectator to participate in an artificial world. “schwarzer Täg” want you to reflect yourself and your habits. its about how deep you can dive in yourself to find truth.

with rap music as their origin, they developed a dark and avantgardistic style of producing pictures and sculptural elements. daily objects and black color are the foundation of sitespecific arrangements and close the circle to their masks and false names, because they are more a symbol than a clear designation.


no names, no facts, no identity