max gehlofen

the artist

*01.07.1989 in Würzburg, works in würzburg
drawing, sculpture, painting

max gehlofen @ geronimo:
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@ waldschänke dornheim

↪2011 student exchange || Academia di belli Arti | Napoli
Galerie „cobbler“ || student exchange return visit ||
↪2010-2014 studies of fine art || ruhrakademie schwerte

geronimo says

You are wondering: why is max one of the three geronimos and at the same time one of the artists? easy one: skills.
but on this page we are not talking about his gallery skills – we are talking about his art.

if you are living in würzburg, I am pretty sure you have walked by one of his artworks. they are massive, they are raw. but for this, the statement behind it is much finer. max is confronting natural and manmade material to form large works that optically either respond to real life objects or portray human forms. In choosing this outcome he deals with the duality of man. searching for the essence of life itself max is opening spaces in your mind.

So in other words: stop comparing, start thinking on your own.

following sustainability and ecological routines in his private live he sometimes has to break with just that in his artistic material to make us aware of long term thoughts that our society has to start challenging with.

Now I was only talking about his sculptures! No space left – so I just say: pretty good drawing is going on as well! Take a look for yourself.


↪2020 ↪am ende der Wahrheit || solo exhibition || BBK, free state bavaria|| BBK gallery | würzburg
↪2019 ↪membran – DIE GERMAN ANGST || group exhibition || exhibition collective LeerRaumPioniere || kunstverein | würzburg
↪2018 ↪printed society || solo exhibition || Museumsshop Museum am Dom | Würzburg
↪2018 ↪humanity extended || group exhibition || exhibition collective LeerRaumPioniere || würzburg
↪printed society || solo exhibition || Galerie Fin-Ger | Würzburg
↪2017 ↪MultiM ||group exhibition || Spitalseebunker | Schweinfurt
↪group exhibition || Ostrale Biennale | Dresden
↪2016 ↪group exhibition || posthalle | würzburg
↪group exhibition || Appropriating a
Bronze sculpture in public space || rückertnacht | schweinfurt
↪group exhibition || galerie im kulturspeicher | würzburg
↪2015 ↪group exhibition ||kunstkaree | schweinfurt
↪endogener versuch || solo exhibition || exhibition collective LeerRaumPioniere || würzburg
↪2012 ↪Weg exquisit || group exhibition || galerie kunstschiene | schwerte
↪2011 ↪Gruppenausstellung Rpott || group exhibition || Ruhrtalmuseum | Schwerte

awards and grants

↪2020 debutant award || free state of bavaria