paul diestel

the artist

*25.01.1996 in Schweinfurt, works in Unsleben
sculpture, installation: wood, earth, lime and clay

↪2014-2020 studies of visual arts (prof. norbert radermacher, mirjam thomann) || kunsthochschule kassel | kassel

geronimo says

paul’s work is the result of deep contemplation and interaction with material and environment. he is putting all his conciousness consciousness and patience into his unique working process. Looking carefully at nature and and the space which surrounds him, Paul is inspired to pick out his symbols of eternity and the interminable circle of life.

the materials of choice are mostly wood or various metals. paul diestel translates natural form into essential form. everything unimportant is cut off to see the pure core of matter. The surface of the wooden sculptures are processed with natural material in a very tedious technique to implant a piece of himself and his time on earth into the objects.

to develop his style and work process, paul keeps exploring nature and collects all the forms which he thinks are interesting. To create value and a piece of truth, paul consistently goes forward to reach the target.


↪2020 ↪Transformation || ausstellungsraum 387 | kassel
↪Konturen der Natur || with anja loeper and joseph stephan wurmer || galerie löhrl | mönchengladbach
↪2019 ↪Samowar || galerie coucou | kassel
↪Dogo Totale || rathaus für kultur | lichtensteig | schweiz
↪Examen || documentahalle | kassel
↪2018 ↪Zukunftsforum Energiewende || documentahalle | kassel
↪Trio7 || kesselhaus | bamberg
Empor || bank für kirche und caritas | paderborn
↪Findling || kunsthaus meiningen | meiningen