max gehlofen

max gehlofen

*01.07.1989 in würzburg

diplom of the fine Arts

artist, chef

↪2020 board member ( fine arts) || culture advisory || city of würzburg
board member || BBK Unterfranken |würzburg
↪2017 CEO || „volvox esskultur“ || catering and snack bar || würzburg
↪since 2015 head of technical implementation || exhibition collective LeerRaumPioniere – a interim use project to revitalize urban spaces || würzburg
↪2013 co-founder || „volvox esskultur“ || food start-up || würzburg
↪2010-2014 studies of fine art || ruhrakademie | schwerte

geronimo says

Being an artist and part of the galleryteam doesent exclude each other. Its more a compelling combination of abilities. Max Gehlofen is using his artisanal skills from sculptural studies to take care of technical implementation of exhibitions. As an artist he is an active thinker and observer of society, these two worlds are forming a keen eye on other artists and collegues. Connecting everything with a unique work ethic and talent for organisation Max is well equipped to take care of the „gallery hardware“.